Human Resources

Human resources department is looking to achieve teamwork with active participation of various departments to find the best working environment which will attract job seekers and make the Company favorable and desirable place to work at and gain experience in industrial sector. This is done through:

  • - Policies

    Develop plans, policies, and applications for human resources to contribute in achieving objectives of the company.

  • - Talent

    Find steps and services centered on employee to attract and retain potential ones.

  • - Work environment

    Emphasize in providing supportive and a positive work environment.

  • - Continuous assessment

    Focus on performance management and career development in order to achieve excellence.

  • - Employment

    Implement an effective employment process in order to hire new candidates.

  • - Wages

    Implement fair wages policy and competitive benefits.

  • - Motivation

    Boost employees’ satisfaction and loyalty.

  • - Training

    Identify needs according to company objectives and take the necessary measures for professional development plans.

  • - Communication

    Develop internal communication activities to support organizing the company.