Executive QEHS Policy

Our Basic Policy.

It is the Arabian Pipes Company’s (APC) aim to provide consistently high quality and reliable Tubular products and related services that meet our Customers’ expected quality & satisfaction levels at an economical, most competitive price.

Our Target is Quality Improvement.

Quality is defined as conforming to the requirements of our Customers, employees, partners and shareholders. Therefore, Quality excellence can be achieve by preventing problems rather than detecting and correcting them after they occur, and by continuously improving the quality of products and services according to the customers’ needs and International Standards.

Each Employee affects Our Process as a Supplier, Customer.

All works done by our employees are a part of a process that creates a product or conduct testing or service to a customer. Each employee can influence some part of that process, and therefore affect the quality of that product and testing service. This means that each employee is also a customer for works done by other employees acting as suppliers. Each one has a right to expect good work from the other employee and an obligation to contribute work to the process.

Our Basic Policy for Environmental and OH&S.

Arabian Pipes Company aims to prevent, control, minimize, eliminate the pollution, wastes, potential and actual injuries, accidents, risks, ill health that could affect employees and other concerned parties that is arising to its business by identifying and implementing continual improvement activities through setting, review and regular monitoring of QEHS Targets and Objectives with consultation and participation of all employees & workers. It also complies with all applicable laws and regulations to which the company subscribed.

QEHS System is a Fundamental Rule of APC.

To enhance these QEHS objectives, and as a fundamental part of the Company's commitment to QEHS, a QEHS System has been established and documented that includes all functions affecting QEHS within the organization that meets the requirements of applicable ISO 9001: 2015 , API Spec Q1, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The QEHS Policy is communicated and understood by all levels of the APC organization.

APC QEHS Management is forwarding to the Future.

As a result of APC vision for effective implementation of QEHS Management System that aimed to improve APC employees knowledge, skills & competency by using statistical tools, improvement techniques, customer feedback; In addition to continuous reviews of APC various activities through regular audits and technical evaluation to ensure all APC activities undertaken impartially, confidentially and comply with customer requirements.